Club Rules and Regulations

Private Water Hunting Conduct and Club Regulations ensure that every member enjoys the benefits of the Club properties. All members agree to comply with these conduct rules and regulations when they sign their Membership Agreement. Failure to adhere to the following regulations can result in membership termination and, in the case of trespass, criminal prosecution.

HUNTING BY ADVANCE RESERVATION ONLY Members must use the online reservation system to reserve a site before hunting. In most cases reservations need only be made 24 hours in advance. Reservations may be requested with less than 24 hour notice, but availability may be limited. At the time of reservation, the member will receive a confirmation number. This number identifies Private Water Hunting members to the landowner and verifies their right to enter Club sites. The Club reservation policy ensures a quality experience for all our members. Any person on Private Water Hunting properties without a valid reservation is trespassing and their membership may be terminated. The membership fee and initiation fee will not be refunded if your membership is terminated for breaking club rules.

MINORS All minors, (children 18 and under), must be accompanied by an adult when visiting Club sites. One adult must accompany every two minors at all times. You must be at least 25 years old to me a member. 

FIREARMS Firearms must remain unloaded at all times in vehicles or when traveling. Firearms are not allowed inside lodging facilities. Loaded firearms may not be left unattended at any time.

The muzzle of all guns must always be pointed in a safe direction regardless of whether the gun is loaded or the safety is on. Muzzles must always be pointed out of the blind with no obstructions.

Be very careful not to swing your gun in the direction of other hunters in the blind and dogs.

ALCOHOL Alcohol is prohibited on all hunting properties.

LITTER All litter and trash (including duck remains) must be handled on a pack in- pack out basis, which means everything you take on a site must be removed when you leave. Be sure to pack garbage bags and use them accordingly. The next member to visit a site should find it as clean as you did. If you ever arrive at a site with litter, call the Office as soon as possible. We will know who reserved the site last. We will investigate and arrange a clean-up. Those who litter will be fined.

STATE AND FEDERAL REGULATIONS All Federal and state hunting regulations and laws apply. Failure to abide by these regulations will result in termination of membership.

DOGS Well-trained gun dogs are permitted on club sites, but must be kept under control at all times. Dogs must remain in a dog box or leashed before and after hunting. A maximum of 2 dogs are allowed per hunt. Members may not allow their dogs to interact with any livestock or domesticated animals on the properties.

Be sensitive to the needs of your dogs (cold, fatigue, ears, accidental shooting…)

CROPS AND LIVESTOCK Many of our sites are located on farm and grazing land. It is extremely important that all gates are closed when entering and leaving all Club sites. Do not approach any livestock that may be in the site area. Supervise children and dogs and instruct them to stay away from livestock. Be aware of crops. Stick to the paths on the maps provided and camp only in designated camping areas.

NO HARM OF WILDLIFE Absolutely no hunting privileges other than waterfowl are included in a Club membership. There will be no harm or killing of other wildlife of any type, including deer, beavers, turtles, frogs, snakes, spiders, etc. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate membership termination.

LEAVE SITES INTACT Many Club sites have been selected for their scenic beauty. To preserve them for all members to enjoy, absolutely nothing is to be taken away from any Club site. Please do not remove rocks, foliage or wood from the site. All arrowheads, pottery shards, and old buildings which may be on the site are the property of the landowner and are not to be removed from the site for any reason.

CAMPING AND CAMP FIRES Camping is prohibited on Club sites unless specifically allowed in the individual site entry. Where overnight camping is permitted, some camping areas are generally unimproved- without electrical hook-up's or running water. Members are allowed small campfires in designated areas, gas grills or Coleman stoves; weather permitting.

SANITATION FACILITIES Sanitation facilities vary from site to site. As some properties also support fishing leases, hiking trails and camping areas, please do not use the area indiscriminately. On all sites proper wilderness sanitation disposal must be practiced. Use common sense on where you use the restroom.

GUEST POLICY Private Water Hunting welcomes guest hunters when accompanied by an active club member. Guest Agreements can be found in the General Info section of the club web site. The Guest Membership Agreement must be completed and signed, and received by the Reservation Office prior to the date of the trip. The Guest Membership Agreement will inform members and guests of Club conduct and regulations. Guests must pay $75.00 to hunt Club waters. Active members may bring as many guests as they would like but no one guest may visit more than three times in one year.

SITES ARE PATROLLED Club security and landowners will check to make sure that the only subjects on the property are members and guests whom are listed on a valid reservation. Failure to comply with this will result in immediate expulsion from the site. Using the site without a valid reservation is considered trespassing and will expose the violator to criminal prosecution.

RESPECT SITE PROPERTY Members and guests agree to respect all rights of the landowners who are allowing us to use their land and hunt their waters. Members will be personally responsible for any damage caused to the property during their visit to the site. If you damage the property you may be responsible for its repair or replacement.

MEMBERSHIP CONDUCT AND REGULATION CHANCES Private Water Hunting reserves the right to change any of its membership conduct and regulations with written notice to the membership. Publication in the newsletter will be deemed adequate written notice.

MEMBERSHIP TERMINATION Private Water Hunting reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member without stated reason, by notifying the member of the termination in writing. If membership termination occurs, the Membership fee and Initiation Fee will not be returned or pro-rated.

FISHING Your duck hunting membership does not include fishing at any club property. Contact the club office to learn how to be a fishing member.