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"Bass fishing club offers lure of solitude" - Dallas Morning News - 3/27/2010

"Private fishing group offers high-quality bass opportunities" - Austin Statesman - 4/3/2010

"Club Opens Private Lakes To Anglers" - Tyler Morning Telegraph - 4/11/2010

"Reel Solitude 1" - Texas Agriculture Magazine - Page 1 - 1/7/2011

"Reel Solitude 2" - Texas Agriculture Magazine - Page 2 - 1/7/2011

"Matter of Privacy" - Houston Chronicle - 3/23/11

"Sasser: At Private Water Fishing members never have to worry about crowds" - Dallas Morning News - 4/01/2012

"Anglers Welcome" - Texas Sporting Journal 5/1/2013


"I’m just a city guy that gets to fish when on vacation or on the rare occassion when a friend invites me to tag along because he owns or has access to a boat. I have no desire to own a big boat and indure the cost and hassle of such a comitment. So fishing was “spotty’. Then a friend introduced me to Private Water Fishing. What a revelation. Low cost, I just bought a trolling motor and battery. High success rate, small waters with lots of fish, no hassle, just be a graceous and courtious guest of a land owner. I can fish when I want or can, by myself or with friends and the club does all the work. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE?????"

- John E. Harvey, Member since 2008

"I've been fishing for over 25 years now and this is my largest bass (Ken caught an 8 lb fish at JerMar Lake).  Today is my birthday and there for a moment I felt like a kid again. I don't get to fish as much as I would like to - having teenagers and all their activities.  But you know, sometimes you just have one of those special days and it reminds you why you love it so much."

- Ken Melkovitz, Member since 2008

"We were fishing at Clifton Breezy Hill Ranch and got to see, Deer, Hogs, Sandhill Cranes, a flock of Canadian Geese (land 50 feet from us) and a Owl attacking a Skunk in the pasture between the road and the dock.  Oh, we also caught over 50 Bass that day."

- Bob Lundin, Member since 2002

I used to be a professional Bass fisherman and guide. I operated "Angler's Outfitting" A guide service on Toledo Bend for 30 years. I have fished all over this country and Mexico and some in Canada. I have floated,waded, fly-casted,surf fished to just about every species of fish in this country.  I have held a masters guide license in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana at the same time. I have been involved with countless B.A.S.S. seminars both as speaker/educator, as well as MC. I'm not telling you all this to pull my own chain, just to set the tone that I know what I am talking about when it comes to Bass fishing, the values of time vs, effort,vs money, which all translate into the quality of the experience and the memories they create.

As my Pro career winded down, I was introduced to a brochure in Houston about our club. I thought to myself . If this club can do half of what it claims, then this might be a good thing to check out. After moving to Ft Worth in 2005 I decided to check it out and went for a trial trip. No longer in my 21 ft Champion but in my 12 ft Bass Hound pond boat, Just me and my dog. I went to Six-O Ranch. I came over the hill and seeing the lake for the first time. It wasn't so much what I saw, but more of what I didn't see. Where were all the Yahoos at the boat ramp?...Gone...where were all the Lake roaches? (jet skis)...Gone...Where were all the skiboats on the lake?... Gone. Where was all the ambient noise that surrounds a public lake?...Gone. I actually stood at the edge of the lake tying my baits on and could hear myself breathe. It's now 2010, I'm still a member.

 I have fished many of the lakes in the club, and all of them I fished have been wonderful. I even got my wife into it, and now she won't let me go without her. We have had so many great experiences, not just catching fish, but enjoying the solitude,and the wildlife. It truly is the way you envision fishing to be. The club owners, Steve and Keri Alexander are nothing short of stellar. Both are committed to all members experiencing angling as it was meant to be. Brian Hughes, In the club office, keeps our reservations flowing smoothly. The land owners are very gracious and accommodating, as well as involved with making each of their private waters the best they can be.

The value. No Big boat, no big boat insurance, gas, accessories, No extra tow vehicle fuel costs. Fantastic fishing! But the biggest value is the quality of the memories from the experiences. They, sports fans, are Priceless!

And I still haven't seen a jet ski....

Blessings to all

                                                                                                                                           -Don & Pat Nichols, Members since 2005

Thanks for being on my show. The response was off-the-charts from listeners. You’ve got a hit with your Private Water Fishing Club. I believe your club provides a unique opportunity for more than just excellent fishing in private waters. It provides your members with opportunities for making those special “memories” together in the great outdoors. I look forward to having you as a guest again soon.
All the best,                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                              -Alan Warren of Alan Warren Outdoors