Van Alstyne, JerMar Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Van Alstyne, JerMar Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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Property Info

  • General Availability
    Available all season, including Teal season.
  • Hunting Blind Available
This place has a big chunk of land, about 100 acres in all, with 15 acres of water. There's a small 3-acre lake that flows into a bigger 10-acre one. Plus, there are 4 more little ponds surrounding the big lakes where ducks like to hang out. If you're into jumping around smaller ponds, those work too. The lake is less than an hour from Dallas, so it's a quick drive.

When it's hunting time, most folks set up in a hiding spot on the east side of the big lake, on the west side near the road, or at the point in the northwest corner. The hiding spot in the water can be as deep as two feet, depending on how high the lake is, so you'll need waterproof waders.

This lake slopes gently, and the water near the edges is pretty shallow, which makes putting out and picking up decoys easy. You'll find cattails along most of the east side of the lake, perfect for staying hidden. And there's plenty of underwater plants to keep the ducks happy.


Waders are required if hunting from the blind.

General Directions

Approx 1 hour north of Downtown Dallas. Only 1 mile west of 75 N.

Hunting Report

Last Early Teal Hunt

John Hurd on Sep 24 ,2023

It was a complete shutout.  Not a duck to be seen anywhere.  Beautiful morning to be out, but they just didn’t want to come and play with us. It wasn’t all bad news.  The pancake breakfast was great. Looking forward…


Randy Rogers on Sep 17 ,2023

Blessed to squeeze in one more teal hunt with my boys. Batted 1000 today.  One bird in.  One bird down.  First time at JerMar.  Set up a little later than i would have liked.  Teal whipped in about 15 minutes after we…

Another Nice Morning on JerMar

John Hurd on Sep 16 ,2023

Birds started moving right about legal shooting time.  Nothing wanted anything to do with the decoys.  We set up in two places.  One at the blind and one at the NE corner of the lake.  The majority of the birds…