Van Alstyne, JerMar Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Van Alstyne, JerMar Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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Property Info

  • General Availability
    Available all season, including Teal season.
  • Hunting Blind Available
There is a total of about 15 acres of water on this 100 acre property. There is a 3 acre lake with a spillway that feeds the larger 10 acre lake. There are also 4 other small tanks that surround the two larger tanks that do hold ducks, and can work well for those who enjoy jumping smaller tanks.

Most hunters will probably want to set up in the blind on the East side of the largest lake, on the west side of the lake near to to road, or on the point at the NW corner of the lake. The blind can be in up to two feet of water depending on lake level, so waders are required if hunting from the blind.

This lake has a gradual slope and shallow water near the edges, which makes setting out and picking up decoys a breeze. There are cattails along most of the East side of the lake, which are great for concealing hunters. There is a large amount of aquatic vegetation, which keeps the ducks happy.


Waders are required if hunting from the blind.

General Directions

Approx 1 hour north of Downtown Dallas. Only 1 mile west of 75 N.

Hunting Report

Better than sitting at home

COOPER BEGIS on Nov 20 ,2022

Good hunt overall. Should have bagged more than 4 birds. Still early in the season, but better than sitting at home. Great blind location. Loved the dog box, but needed to clear a few reeds to let the dog have…

No luck

Cody Burton on Dec 15 ,2020

Had 5 work hard but lit about 65yds out 

11/21 report

Brad Lee on Nov 23 ,2020

3 gadwalls