Ferris, Triple J Ranch

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Ferris, Triple J Ranch

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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  • General Availability
    Available all season, including Teal season.
  • Hunting Blind Available
In the heart of Ferris, Texas, you'll find Triple J Ranch, a hotspot for duck hunting. Ducks love the northern part of the lake because there's plenty of natural food and shallow water. It's not far from Dallas, so it's a quick drive.

Ducks tend to hang out on the northern shore, in the northwest cove, and near the southwestern corner by the dam. The shoreline doesn't have much hiding spots, so it's smart to use a blind. You'll find two permanent blinds on the north side, or you can bring your own portable ones.

There's a small boat available to help you set up decoys, get your ducks, or reach your blind. But remember, they don't provide a motor, batteries, or paddles, so bring your own.

Keep in mind that to get to your blind, you might need to walk through a bit of shallow water, so make sure you have waders. Triple J Ranch offers a down-to-earth duck hunting experience in a natural setting, where being prepared and respecting the environment are key to success.


No special requirements.

General Directions

App. 15 minutes south of downtown Dallas on I-45.

Hunting Report

S. O. S.

Randy Rogers on Nov 23 ,2023

It’s not always 6 man limits, Sunshiney Days and Single Shot Kills.  Some memories made are the knd you can laugh at later.  This was our first time at JJJ, obviously in the dark.  I followed the purple line on…

11/18 Ferris

Thomas Maxwell on Nov 18 ,2023

Saw nothing.  Got nothing.    

2023/24 Opener

Patrick Bray on Nov 12 ,2023

Had 3 scaup give me a look and was able to take one. Almost got a geese down but he shrugged off 3 shots at about 45 yards. That was all for today.