Lancaster, Malouf Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Lancaster, Malouf Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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  • General Availability
    Available all season, including Teal season.
  • Hunting Blind Available
Tucked away in Lancaster, Texas, you'll find Malouf Lake, a 25-acre spot serious duck hunters love. This place has shallow water at the south end and cozy nooks in the northeast and west corners of the dam. Some mossy patches in the shallows make it a perfect home for waterfowl. The lake is less than an hour from Dallas, so it's a quick drive.

There's a hidden duck blind on the southeast side that will hold up to four hunters.

You'll find ducks like Gadwall, Wigeon, and Pintails here, making it a top pick for dedicated hunters.

If you want to explore the lake, there's a 12-foot jon boat by the boat ramp, but you need to bring your own trolling motor, batteries, and paddles.

Now, since Malouf Lake is on an active cattle ranch, don't forget to close the gate behind you when you come and go. It's a way to show respect for this special spot that serious hunters truly appreciate.


This lake is on an active cattle ranch, so please be sure to lock the gate behind you.

General Directions

App. 30 minutes (20 miles) South of downtown Dallas.

Hunting Report

Full Moon = No Ducks

James Del Re on Jan 09 ,2023

Beautiful clear day with a never setting moon.  Had a flock of mallards fly over well out of range and one ring neck land near the decoys- I missed. Other than that, not a single bird flew in 2.5 hours. 

Lancaster Malouf Two Man Limit!

Cole Porter on Jan 03 ,2023

We were able to have a great hunt at Lancaster - Malouf on Sunday, January 1, 2023! We hunted out of the blind on the southeast corner of the lake and we had steady action from sunrise until 11 pm…

Good day

James Del Re on Jan 03 ,2023

Had limite in 55 minutes.  Stong winds made retriving the duck diffciult as tehy blew to ard the far shore and dam.