Wills Point, Long Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Wills Point, Long Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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  • General Availability
    Available all season, including Teal season.
  • Hunting Blind Available
Welcome to your own private duck hunting sanctuary—a pristine 8-acre rock quarry lake situated just 50 miles east of Dallas, Texas, in the region of Wills Point. Surrounded by a network of quarry lakes, this property stands as a hidden treasure trove for duck hunting enthusiasts.

The duck hunting blind is located on the far south end of the lake, where it is most shallow and the ducks want to be most of the time. You will likely need waders to hunt out of the blind, please be aware.

This charming lake, meticulously cared for, offers an ideal waterfowl habitat. Its rocky quarry origins provide ducks with both shelter and sustenance. Thoughtful design ensures the attraction and retention of various duck species, making it a favored destination for hunters of all levels of experience.

With Dallas just a short 50-mile drive away, you can access this duck hunting paradise with ease while enjoying the convenience of a nearby urban center. Whether you're a seasoned waterfowl hunter or new to the world of duck hunting, our 8-acre quarry lake promises an unforgettable adventure that combines the beauty of nature with the excitement of the hunt.


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General Directions

50 miles east of downtown Dallas

Hunting Report

Slow Morning

Stephen Becka on Sep 18 ,2023

Went out this morning mostly to get a feel for the new property. Had a few groups of Teal working on the pond next to us and had two singles that came by and were harvested. Overall can see some…