Decatur, Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Decatur, Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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Property Info

  • General Availability
    Available all season, including Teal season.
  • Hunting Blind Available
Step into the ultimate duck hunting spot! In September 2023, we're excited to introduce our brand-new hunting blind. It's located at the far end of the lake, where the creek meets the lake, giving you the best hunting spot around.

Our lake is special because it has lots of shallow areas and plenty of submerged vegetation. Ducks love it here, whether they're puddle ducks or divers.

We've got a small boat you can use to get your ducks or set up your decoys. Just remember, we don't provide a motor, batteries, or paddles, so bring your own.

When you arrive, it's a 2.5-mile trip that'll take about 15 to 20 minutes. Give yourself a little extra time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Get ready for a duck hunting experience you won't forget!


Duck hunting available in AM only.

General Directions

1.5 hours North of downtown Dallas or downtown fort worth 45 minutes from the mid cities 30 minutes from Denton Speed limited to 20 mph on ranch roads. Please drive slowly through the barn/ work yard area, be cognoscente of your surroundings and drive courteously.

Hunting Report

Ice Breaker

Jeffrey Witt on Jan 20 ,2024

We got to the lake to find it iced over on the north end by the dam.  We busted a hole and put out a few decoys but realized at shooting light there was open water on the south end…

1-Jan-24: The Ducks Take The “W”

Carrie Babcock on Jan 14 ,2024

Here ducky ducky ducky.  We saw a ton of vultures but only one lone teal about 200 yards out flying over the Mountain to the right.  I think he laughed at us when he flew by.  There was ice on the edge of…

Skunked @ Bedrock Ranch

ANDY FOSTER on Jan 07 ,2024

I was really looking forward to this one, but the duck God's had other plans I guess. I spent the evening before setting up, due to the fact it was an 1:45 from the house and 1st time out there.…