Alyssa Ranch November 13, 2021

Nov 14 2021

Perry Havenar


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My first hunt here and with the club.

Lake conditions are approximately 4-5 feet low (discussed with property owner to confirm who happended to be there). The boat ramp is almost all the way out of the water at this time.

Most ducks gather on the north end. Nothing on the southern half before or at legal shooting time. No cover on the east side; however there is plenty of tree cover on the west side of the lake from midpoint to north end. 

There really isn’t a duck blind at this location. About mid-way up the eastern side of the lake there are a couple of fallen trees and one standing persimmon tree that I used as a blind. It worked fine but was about 20 yds from water’s edge due to low water conditions. 

Birds decoyed ok to small set of mallards (drakes and hens); but due to limited cover (no real blind) they flared away pretty early unless I and my dog hunkered down all the way behind the logs. 

Saw some sort of platform pushed up against the dam about 2/3 across from west to east. Owner said it was the blind platform but that the blind go pushed over there in a bad storm a couple years ago and then last spring the blind was completely blown away by another storm from atop the platform.

During a south wind, there is ample cover on the eastern half of the dam that could serve as a makeshift blind to hunt the south end on the eastern side which seemed to be fairly shallow in a small bump out of water that is support good vegetation this fall.  

Knowing more about this location now, I’ll try again but try to stay the night at the Ranch or maybe in Clarksville the night before. That would ease the drive from DFW.  Worth another shot later in the season. Would be nice if we could park an RV there too.  Seemed to be plenty of room if the owner will allow. 

Sorry no pics. Will try and remember to take some on the next hunt. 

Nov 30 2021

Cole Porter


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Thanks for the detailed report!

That can be a really great lake, the birds want to be on the shallow north end of the lake normally. You can ALMOST walk all the way across it but be careful, there is a creek channel that runs through the middle of the lake.

Cole PWH