Big End To A Great Season

Jan 29 2024

Carrie Babcock


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This is the first time we have been to Kickapoo.  Thank you so much Cole for being able to switch us from Long Lake to Kickapoo.  The lake is beautiful.  The grounds are really wet due to the recent rain.  Going across the dam to get to the blind was a little sketchy.  The blind was knocked over and unable to be used.  We moved down the lake and set up at the North end.  It was probably better in this location because it wasn’t as deep.  For the first 30 minutes we didn’t see any bird.  Then we started to see them come over in groups of 10 to 20 super high.  They never even stopped to take a look.  They were on a mission to some lakes behind us to the North, as you could hear the shooting going off all around.  The only birds to circle was a group of pintails and ring necks, but they never even got close to us before they took off.  My boys were getting a little antsy at around 8am as none of us had fired our guns.  A group of pintails came from behind as we heard a single goose coming from the east.  My son started to call the goose in even though we couldn’t see it.  A single goose came cruising around the east side of the lake and up to us at the North end.  Jason called it all the way in as it flew about 10 feet above the water towards us. One of the best family moments.   Both boys shot but Brandon’s shot folded up the goose. What a way to end the season.  Two boys on cloud 9.  Thank you Cole and Private Water Hunting for all that you do.  What a great club to be a part of!  Let us know if you need anything during the off season.  Until next year...take care!