Another Early Tel Opener Success Story!

Sep 09 2023

Randy Rogers


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First action was around 7:15.  My son heard geese off in the distance so he started talking to them.  A few seconds later 2 Canadas crested the dam, glided across the east side if the lake, cupped up, landed on the NE corner.  No shot opportunity.  Around 7:45 had a flock of 3 Blue-wing fly north along east treeline.  Son turned them, they scream past our spread, cut hard, lit straight into the decoys.  We cut ‘em, well one,  both shot at the same bird and whiffed on the other two.  9:00 had a flock on Canadas come in from behind us.  I figured #6 with modified choke was a low percentage kill shot.  Propably investing in goose decoys this season :-) As I’m sure most lakes are, water level low, still plenty deep on dam side.  Blind needs skirt/grass.  I would have picked one up and hung if I had known.  All in all we chalked it up as a huge success for our first ever teal hunt!  A great day to get out, Blessed to have a place to take my boys and brought some meat home!