Early Teal Opener

Sep 09 2023

John Hurd


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Better than expected, especially since it was 110 degrees yesterday.  Was pleasantly surprised to see that the metal blind had been moved up to the lake and was brushed in.  Was expecting to have to hunt from the cattails after scouting last weekend and the blind was away from the water and behind a bunch of tall cattails.  Thank you, Cole!  We really appreciated it.  It was a very nice morning, about 73 degrees and a good East wind.  The lightning storm kept us entertained while waiting for legal shooting time.  Also made us question our choice to use the metal blind.

Anyway, we had four Blue-wings make a high-speed pass at about 6:55 and head straight to the Northeast corner of the lake.  That’s all we saw for about an hour so we decided to walk up and bump those four.  To our surprise, 25-30 Teal jumped up.  We eventually ended up harvesting 5 Blue-wings for the morning.  They all wanted to stay at the North end.

Our gratitude ended up being much higher than our expectations, so it was a good morning.