Decatur, Beaver Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Decatur, Beaver Lake

Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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    Available all season, including Teal season.
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This lake is 10 acres and is completely full, and sits in an area of the state that has little water, which means the birds are more concentrated. There is a stand of trees to hunker down in at the NE corner, but the rest of the lake has little cover. The banks drop off slowly, so you can wade out easily to set decoys.

If you like shooting a mixed bag, this is the lake for you. Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Wigeon, Wood ducks, Gadwall, Redheads, Ruddy Ducks, Ring-Necks, Shovelers, Buffleheads, and Canvasbacks were all harvested last season at Beaver Lake.

There is a duck blind tucked in to some bushes on the Northeast part of the lake. See site map for duck blind location.

***DO NOT shoot towards the house that sits Northwest of the lake.***


***DO NOT shoot towards the house that sits Northwest of the lake.***

General Directions

App. 45 minutes north of Ft. Worth, outside of Decatur, and app. 1 hour and 15 minutes from Dallas.

Hunting Report

Beaver Lake

Jonathan Stroot on Nov 18 ,2020

Nice little morning out at Beaver Lake.  The duck blind is in need of some repair but managed to still hunt from there.  Saw a decent amount of birds this morning. Took 2 gads, 2 mallard hens and 1 redhead.


Scott Morgan on Sep 16 ,2020

Slow Day. Saw only 2 teal, both solo mid hunt to avoid a skunk day. No other ducks/teal seen.


Scott Morgan on Jan 12 ,2020

Getting to lake is nearly impossible with flooding; 4011 was flooded and washed out so we hiked in. Lake water was extremely high and we couldn't safely hike to the North side to utilize the NW winds. Visibility was poor,…